Benefits Advisor

Job Description Swain Community Hospital
Job Summary:
Advises patients and/or guarantors of their benefits, financial responsibilities and secures payment of patient's liability.
Job Responsibilities:
o Smiles and provides caring customer service.
o Determines patient's insurance benefits and eligibility requirements.
o Determines patient's precertification requirements.
o Explains insurance benefit information to patients
o Provides patients with an estimated liability amount due.
o Explains how the financial responsibility was determined.
o Explains payment options for estimated patient liability.
o Secures payment of estimated patient liability.
o Follows internal cash control procedures when securing payment(s) of estimated patient liability.
o Assists patients with establishing payment arrangements.
o Visits all in-house self-pay patients, evaluates their eligibility for Medicaid or other indigent programs.
o Visits all in-house patients with an estimated patient liability to explain insurance benefit information and estimated patient liability.
o Follows up with patients if registration information collected at the time of hospitalization was incomplete.
o Enters updated patient demographic and insurance information in the computer system.
o Enters pertinent notes into the collection notes of the registration system. If the patients account has final billed, enter the notes in the appropriate collection notes system.
o Works closely with outside agencies and/or vendors in assisting patients

Don't Be Fooled

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